Allan Smith Antique Clocks & Barometers

Allan Smith Antique Clocks & Barometers
Allan Smith Antique Clocks & Barometers

Allan Smith Specialist Antique Moonphase Longcase Clocks,
Antique Bracket Clocks & Barometers For Sale

My Antique Clocks Background:

As a small child, still in short trousers, I can remember, quite vividly, standing in front of my Great Aunt’s Antique Grandfather Clock, after running an errand for her, sucking on a stripey “bullseye” boiled sweet and being SO impressed and overawed by the magnificent antique clock that dominated the whole room.

I distinctly remember saying to myself “when I’m grown up I’m having one of these”.

Little did I realise that many years later, after a 5 year engineering apprenticeship, qualification as a Precision Engineer and with various Engineering and Management exams under my belt I would leave the Aerospace Industry in 1988 and turn my passion for antique clocks into, not just a business, but also a way of life. I am extraordinarily fortunate that my engineering background has blended so well with my passion for antique clocks and has produced a livelihood and lasting friendships throughout Britain, and indeed, the whole world.

I like to feel that I treat my customers the way I would wish to be treated myself and remind them that they’re not just buying a clock they’re buying my expertise in selecting the finest proportioned, most original, examples available, which are then sympathetically restored to the highest standards under my personal supervision, using only the very best restorers and materials.

Many of my customers have become personal friends and that’s the way I like it. I do what I do because I love it. I’m VERY lucky. Great Aunt Dot’s Antique Longcase Clock had Moonphases, which is what I specialise in. I wonder how my life would be if Great Aunt Dot hadn’t had a longcase clock?

Allan Smith Antique Clocks


4 Responses to “Allan Smith Antique Clocks & Barometers”

  1. 1 Jim Laracey

    I have a Smith and Sons Grandfather clock. (won Medals at Paris Exposition 1900) all original. I am trying to find some information on it . I will try to get some photos. I have researched the company somewhat, but still lacking info . Thanks . Jim Laracey.

  2. I am interested in selling my longcase clock which was made by Josiah Bartholomew in Sherborne in 1750. I inherited from my parents many years ago and I am now ready to move into a smaller house where, unfortunately, it would not fit in. I should appreciate some idea of value please.

    • Hello Patricia we are very sorry we missed your message as we have been developing the new look website and trying to figure out all the social media technologies. I just spoke to Allan and he told me he is out for the rest of the day but will be in this evening if you would like to give him a call or email. All his details can be found on his website . Again we are very sorry we missed your message, as we are trying to catch up and develop our new ideas.

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