The Gatford of Uxbridge Moon Phase Long Case Is Now Fully Restored


Restoration news…

The Gatford of Uxbridge moon phase long case is now fully restored, tested and calibrated.

It’s reasonably unusual in that it it has a high quality “London” mahogany case with two step base and simple break arch top plus brass insert trunk quarter columns. The movement is unusual, in that it apart from the moon phase feature in the arch, it also has centre sweep date. This is a very fine example, beautifully restored and is awaiting photography.

An arguably even more interesting “outskirts of London” longcase is a very good example by Daking of Halstead – again with the classic “London” mahogany simple break arch top, brass insert trunk quarter columns and two step base. This one also has a 12″ breakarch brass dial with moonphases to arch but has the conventional date box above the 6 o’clock position. It has original fan inlays to the base and under the throat moulding. It’s not yet started restoration and it’s very handsome clock is in particularly fine, original condition.

I say arguably more interesting because of the exceptional fan inlaid case.

N.B. It is generally accepted that “London” catchment area clocks with moonphases are quite unusual. I have even seen them described as “rare.”

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