Holiday Season Over & 3 New Longcase Clocks Gone To Good Homes


The holiday season seems to be pretty much over and business is settling back down to normal with 3 good longcases away to new homes since the previous blog but, worryingly, very little of interest or quality available to buy, despite my far flung global net – the recently examined examples all lacking in quality, originality, condition or proportion.

Sometimes all 3 in the one clock !

As a clockaholic I’m suffering withdraw symptoms – having not seen anything exciting for sale in months but just like buses…….

The 360 section of the website appears to have gone down well, so a few more, smaller, clocks will be added shortly.
I’m still desperate for some ( discontinued ) small bottles of microtome H ( heavy ) synthetic clock oil which I give away with each clock I sell as I’m down to my last few – so if anyone has any for sale I’d love to know about it.There must be some available somewhere.

I’m expecting several clocks back from restoration shortly and when I’m up to about 6 ( give or take ) I’ll be setting up the photo gear and updating the website though it is as well to remember that any clock featured in the “In Restoration” section can be prioritised on request and brought to the front of the queue.

My personal collection of lantern clocks will be thinned out shortly with examples by Joseph Windmills of London ( 2 examples – 1 original verge, 1 very early beautifully executed anchor conversion ), Holloway of Stroud ( centre swinging verge ), Webb of Ubley, Thomas Brown of Honiton, Jonathan Lowndes of Pall ( London – original verge, miniature ), Denton of Oxford, Robert Robinson of London ( original centre swinging verge ), John Aylward of Brentford verge, Honeybone of Wanborough ( miniature – anchor. ), plus some more which, as they haven’t seen the light of day for many years, are difficult to remember.

Should be about 20 in total.

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