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Visit Allan Smith Antique Clocks website As I reflect on 2013 I feel it was a good year with many fine clocks going to new homes and a steady ( ish ) trickle of interesting clocks coming in with a further 7 longcases due in ( repatriated from abroad ) on January 22nd. They are…. […] Two good clocks sold since the previous blog and two more in – coincidentally the newcomers are both Adam & Eve automata and both Bristol made. Just like buses…….you wait and wait……. They are – Matthew Worgan, Bristol.Long door, typically “Bristol,” late 18C, flame mahogany case with swan neck pediment.12″ break arch brass dial […]

The holiday season seems to be pretty much over and business is settling back down to normal with 3 good longcases away to new homes since the previous blog but, worryingly, very little of interest or quality available to buy, despite my far flung global net – the recently examined examples all lacking in quality, […]

It’s been a slow few weeks for getting completed restoration work back, due mostly to holiday commitments of the various specialist restorers I use and the big backlogs of work that all GOOD restorers seem to “suffer” from, but gradually things are getting back to normal and work is being completed – the criteria being […]

Good afternoon, One of my most recent buys is a very good MONTH going and striking floral marquetry longcase clock by John Culliford of Bristol recorded – became a Burgess in 1692 and worked until 1716. This example, dating by style, is 1695 – 1700. John Culliford sometimes seen spelt Gulliford ( or the script mis […]