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See my beautiful collection of ‘Antique Clocks‘ Some good clocks recently sold and away to new homes, some awaiting delivery and setting up ( one awaiting completion of a house renovation, another, a birthday date ) some very interesting clocks acquired and a new camera to try out. Among the VERY interesting clocks acquired subsequent […]

Two digital artists have feautured Allan Smith Antique Clocks in ‘Working Beautifully’, their visual archive of twenty-first century workers at one hundred Swindon firms. The exhibition opens in Swindon on 20 May 2013 and is now online. With a nod towards August Sander’s collection “People of The Twentieth Century” which has been in print for […]

Managed to buy 3 good longcases recently – all made in Bristol, all 8 day, all mahogany, all bought privately. ¬†Knight & Withers of Bristol, recorded – St.Augustines Back 1833 – 1837. 8 day, with 12″ breakarch painted dial, the arch painting depicting a tartan kilted figure wearing a plumed bonnet, carrying a shepherd’s crook […]

Allan Smith Antique Clocks & Barometers Allan Smith Specialist Antique Moonphase Longcase Clocks, Antique Bracket Clocks & Barometers For Sale My Antique Clocks Background: As a small child, still in short trousers, I can remember, quite vividly, standing in front of my Great Aunt’s Antique Grandfather Clock, after running an errand for her, sucking on […]