Antique Clocks & In Restoration Clocks by Allan Smith


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Some good clocks recently sold and away to new homes, some awaiting delivery and setting up ( one awaiting completion of a house renovation, another, a birthday date ) some very interesting clocks acquired and a new camera to try out.

Among the VERY interesting clocks acquired subsequent to the previous blog are …….

Thomas Udall of London with a 14″ breakarch brass dial, MOONPHASES to arch, typical “London” high quality, mahogany, pagoda top case with Corinthian capitals to hood columns with matching trunk quarter columns.Typical panelled two step base, the lower shaped. Silky smooth winding and very well executed, high quality, 5 pillar, 8 day movement.

Interesting to note that Thomas Udall ( Clockmakers Company of London 1789 – 1814 ) was working in Shoe Lane London – a very prestigous clockmaking area at that time.

Now fully restored, tested, calibrated and ready to photograph.
For further details please see In Restoration section of website.

In restoration.

Spencer & Perkins of London ( highly regarded makers ) with 12″ breakarch brass “dartboard” dial,MOONPHASES to arch and high quality typically “London” flame mahogany, pagoda top case + large spire/ball brass finials.Superb quality throughout – as would be expected from this maker.Circa 1785.
Interestingly, the dial is signed Spencer Y Perkins, London, the clock being made, originally, for the luxury export market – in this case, Portugal.High quality, 5 pillar, 8 day movement with pull hour repeat.
For further details please see In Restoration section of website.
In restoration.

Following my unsuccessful appeal for supplies of ( now obsolete ) Microtime heavy, synthetic clock oil I have managed to acquire a supply of the “pen oiler” type of specialist clock oil to give away with the clocks I sell, though if I can get my hands on odd bottles of Microtime H ( heavy ) I’d be very grateful – even small quantities.

Isaac Hadwen of Liverpool is an interesting maker and I’ve said “YES” to a fine, brass dial, mahogany, MOONPHASE, example of his work which has a beautifully hand written note by Isaac pasted to the inside of the trunk door the flowing “copper plate” detailing setting and adjustment procedure. Typical North Western “broken breakarch” top popular immediately prior to, and then complimentary with, the swan neck pediment, the style seen occasionally elsewhere ( even London ) but predominantly North Western.

This will be Isaac Hadwen junior ( born 1723 died 1767 – though his widow carried on the business until 1777 ) as it’s circa 1765 – too late for Isaac senior who died in 1737 and too early for Isaac III who took over the business in 1777.
This clock is currently abroad and may take a while to get to me as economies of scale dictate that a batch consignment is better value, so it’s number one awaiting a minimum of 7 more.

Thank you

Allan Smith –


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